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We proudly offer our services to our valued Principals with utmost professionalism and sincerity.

As an integral part of our selection process, especially on skilled and semi-skilled personnel, we are employing the expertise of trade testing centers covering the specific trade by a competent Craftsman Testing Board (CTB). This includes both Theoretical and practical application test. Language knowledge is also included in the test as well as the identification of work position, handling of tools relative to their trade, identification of different equipment and materials used in the specific trade. The detailed knowledge of trade workmanship and the knowledge of safety procedures at work.

Contracts are either executed personally between the Employer and the Employee, or between the Employee and the agency in behalf of the employer after due authorization from the employer. Documents for accreditation are being submitted to the Labor Office as well as the necessary the job order. As soon as the documents of the workers have been complete.

After the selection process, the selected candidate is referred for medical examination. He/she will undergo rigid medical testing as prescribed by the Principals Embassy to qualified medical testing clinics both duly accredited by Embassies and the Philippine Labor Office.

Thousand of worker of different nationalities e.g. Asians, north Americans, Europeans, are carrying out various types of jobs around the world. In the performance of their duties at the job sites, workers are faced with difficulties in understanding each other due primarily to their different culture and upbringing. Most are unaware of the others customs, laws, traditions, ordinances, and the likes of the host country.

In order to bridge this gap between workers of different nationalities, we arrange Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) to discuss possible points of difficulties that may be encountered by the workers, thus, promote cordial working relationship. They are briefed on the differences and restrictions on customs, traditions, laws, rules and regulations. Some countries are stricter in the implementation of their laws and traditions than the Philippines, and are not likely to tolerate breaches of these laws, rules and traditions. Social, Political and religious activities are therefore subject to the governing laws of their country of employment. They are also being provided to

Strive for good relationship with fellow workers, Superiors and other officers. Cleanliness is a pre-condition for duty, politeness, calmness and gentleness in the disposition of their duties should be the attitude of the workers. They are also being oriented on their safety especially on work areas that are considered hazardous most especially in the construction projects that involves people, materials and equipments. We therefore give these workers the basics of safety regulations and is a part and parcel of our pre-qualifying system. The importance of protective clothing, general dangers and hazards of the trade are pointers explained during discussion about safety.



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